How to: Change my password ?

Once you create a mobile user on Datafield web platform, Datafield create a secure password that is automatically sent by email to your mobile users. 

However, you can easily change this password. Simply login to Datafield Mobile Team module and edit the user you want to change the password.

STEP 1: Select the user you need to change password (same password apply for web and mobile*) 


STEP 2: Edit the password for yourself or the mobile user

+ Do not forgot to communicate the new password to mobile users. 

* Note 1:  if you have used the option to signup using your GMAIL or Facebook account, then the password to access your mobile forms on Datafield Mobile Application will NOT be the same as the one to access Datafield website. Make sure to check your email (including junk folder) to know your awarded mobile password. You can also change it so that it matches your Gmail or Facebook account, following the tutorial above. 

Note 2: Datafield proposes 2 kinds of users : admin users and mobile users. Check this tutorial for more details. 

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