Can I collect data offline ?

You do not always have a proper internet connection (be it wifi, Edge, 3G or 4G/LTE) when you collect data in remote area or simply outside the office. 

No worry, Datafield has been specifically designed so that you can fill in forms on Datafield Mobile Application, even if your mobile device is not connected to the internet.

How does it work ?

  • First thing, you need to login to Datafield mobile application when you are actually online (Edge, 3G, LTE/4G or Wifi) and download all your available forms and surveys. You can then close Datafield mobile app if needed and you will still be kept logged with your forms available on Datafield Mobile App (thanks to our persistent login technology). 
  • That's it. You can simply fill in those forms even if your are offline. When you complete a form on the Datafield Mobile App and hit the SEND button, you'll see your form with the status DONE in the survey list. You can fill the same form again and again while being offline (by default, each form is "repeatable" infinitely unless you disable it). 
  • Eventually, when you are back online, simply open the App and hit the refresh button, all of your forms will be transferred to Datafield web dashboard.  

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