How To: Build email list easily using Constant Contact and Datafield Mobile Registration


The time when you were spending lots of money to buy shaky mailing lists are gone. Put your favorites tablet in front of your customers and prospects and have them fill your email database, for instance using Constant Contact. 

STEP 1: Create a Mobile Registration form using Datafield web Dashboard 

Let’s look at this step by step tutorial on how to rapidly build qualified and relevant email list that could be used to gain new customers and engage with existing ones. 

Sign up or login to Datafield and create your form requesting an email and a name + an other information that may be usefull for your segmentation strategy: gender, age,area of interest or else. 


Your registration form appear then on Datafield Mobile Application (or your custom mobile application if you require). Your customer or prospect can simply input it’s email. We would advise to provide an incentive such a access to promotions, special discount or valuable tips to encourage users to opt-in to your newsletter/emailing list. 

Here is the iPad screen as it will look on Datafield mobile application. Let us know if you required a special design. 




STEP 2: Match your Datafield registration field with your Constant Contact mailing list field using CAZOOMI SYNCAPPS ALWAYS. 

First, you need to first select the Datafield form that you want to Sync, then select the exact field from this Datafield form that will feed your Constant Contact mailing list. 

Quite simple isnt’it ? SyncApps Always will then automatically sync Datafield email field with Constant Contact email field, and so on. 


Of course, you can decide to collect and sync more than just email address in order to have proper segmentation or your list. For instance, you can ask for the age, name or income bracket if you feel it is relevant. All these information will automatically be added to the relevant field whithin Constant Contact email list. 


STEP3: Your Constant Contact email list is updated with emails collected with the Datafield Mobile Application. 

You are then building your Constant Contact mailing list with emails collected with both the iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android mobile Application. The list are automatically sync when user fill the registration form on the mobile application. 


Any questions ? Any doubts ? Do not waste your time and drop us an email at We will do the job for you. 

By the way, if you do not have a Constant Contact account yet and think about opening one. We will offer you a FREE 60-day trial to see just how much you can benefit from targeted email campaigns with Constant Contact.

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