Available forms and surveys template for mobile

Designing a mobile forms or a mobile surveys requires to take into account to form format of smarphone, phablet or tablet. To help you get started, we created a list of template forms and survey designed for mobile.

Current list of template available to start with Datafield are: 

TRADE SHOW - Using Datafield to plan an upcoming event or during a trade show and build an emailing database

POLLING - Investor Relations / Shareholder meeting resolutions

PURCHASE ORDER - Sales Order / customer visit - Corporate/Private Survey

INVOLVE CITIZEN - Using Datafield to collect feedback from stakeholders

Organize poll and vote using Datafield

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - Use Datafield to collect Customer Satisfaction information

Public Private Partnership - Gardening , outdoor appliance maintenance

FACILITY MANAGEMENT - Using Datafield to monitor facility management work : Security, Cleaning, Caretaking

STREET MARKETING - Using Datafield to monitor Street Marketing activities

REAL ESTATE - Using Datafield to follow up with Construction in Progress

SUPERVISE - Using Datafield to collect data and report actions during on site reparation / intervention

MYSTERY SHOPPING - Use Datafield to conduct Mystery Shopping and monitor Merchandising work and Retail space

REAL ESTATE AGENT - Using datafield to improve collection of data when visiting a property - Real Estate Agent

 AUDIT - Using Datafield to monitor and bring accountability to Audit and Quality control work

EMAIL SIGN UP FORM - Build a mailing list + Sync with Constant Contact or Mailchimp (if needed)


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