View data collected on mobile

Whenever a mobile respondent reply to one of your mobile form and mobile survey, all data are instantly uploaded to your Datafield web dashboard. Simply access the COLLECT RESULT  module and view your results. 

You can then easily:

  • Filter any replies to see only data matching your filter.
  • Export all data on CSV / Excel format so you can play around as fits you best. Note that you need to add the following bit of URL to access pictures inside the csv file:
  • Sync all your collected data in the cloud using your BOX account. 
  • Sync all email address and contact details with your MailChimp or Constant Contact account in order to build your mailing list

=> contact us should you need further integration with your Information System. You can have a look at our #API and request your API key. 

A quick look at the collect results module:

You can also simply download all your data inside an excel spreadsheet:

Or automatically sync all your data in the Cloud with

You can easily sort out the collected data and implement filter:

Just hit the FILTER ICON next to each question.

If you need to monitor only the results and performance of your Mobile Respondents or Field Representative, you can select  one of them of a full team: 

Note: you will need to publish a corporate survey to be able to filter by mobile respondents (as they will login to Datafield mobile app with their email).

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