Publishing your form and survey on mobile

Once you form is ready, simply go to the PUBLISH CAMPAIGN module then select the survey you would like to publish. 

Datafield proposes 2 kind of campaign:
  • PUBLIC Campaign, meaning that anyone can access your form and survey simply by inputing your Organization TAG on Datafield Mobile Application Home page (no need any password). PUBLIC campaign are designed when you do not have the email address of expected mobile respondents. 
  • CORPORATE Campaign, meaning that only invited mobile users will access their forms using their credentials (email and password). 
Here is a screenshot tutorial on launching a PUBLIC or a CORPORATE mobile campaign:

STEP 1: Select if you have an open, PUBLIC FORM or a private, CORPORATE FORM (the CORPORATE FORM are only visible to the selected mobile respondents)

Select the mobile respondents for Corporate Forms

Or the geography for Public Forms

STEP 3: Simply Publish your mobile campaign on Datafield mobile App (or on your white labelled App) ! 

Tips for Advanced user:

Once you publish your form  on Mobile, there's a few options you can change: 

  • The period during which your survey is live / available on Datafield Mobile App. By default, it is lived forever, but you can decide the day (and even the timing) when your campaign starts and ends. 

  • Repeatable or not. By default, your form is repeatable, meaning that mobile respondents can take it again and again. As soon as they start replying to it, a fresh new form appears on their form list. You can also decide to deactivate this option of the survey needs to be done only once. 
  • Send a Push notification to mobile respondents. This is ON by default, but you can decide to turn it OFF.
  • Send an Email to mobile respondents. By default, Datafield is sending an email to each mobile respondents selected (for corporate campaign) every time there's a new survey published. You have the option to turn off this email or modify the content and draft your own email.  

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