Type of questions available in a Mobile form

Of course, Datafield provide all questions type needed to create a thorough form. You will find the usual: 

  • Single Choice QuestionMobile respondents can select one replies among the set of replies available to them
  • Multiple Choice QuestionsMobile respondents can select several replies among the set of replies available to them. You can set the minimum and maximum numbers of replies you expect from them.
  • Text - Verbatim questionMobile respondents can draft a short text to answer the text question. You can decide the maximum length of the text.  
  • Date QuestionMobile respondents will input a date, whether it is the date they reply the survey, the date of their on-site intervention or their birthday. You can decide to hide this question to the mobile respondents for easy and fast collection of the date of the form.
  • Time QuestionMobile respondents will input a specific time, wether it is the time of their onsite intervention or the time they use to wake up every day. You can decide to hide this question to the mobile respondents for easy and fast collection of time of replying.
  • Yes/No QuestionMobile respondents will quickly process this self explanatory question You also have the ability to set "don't know" as a potential response.
  • Gender QuestionGet panel information or else about your mobile respondents
  • Likert QuestionThe likert question is composed of a set of 5 differents answers (such as Strongly agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly disagree, don't know) that your respondents can quickly pick and will provide direct insight on specific questions
  • Scale QuestionSet the minimum and maximum values available to Mobile respondents and let them give a ranking. It's to you to define an attribute for the minimum or maximum question. 
  • Number QuestionPrice, Age, weight, energy or any unit you feel like asking
  • Email Address QuestionWould mobile respondents be willing to reply to this question? Better to provide strong incentive

Datafield  goes further and unleash of the power of mobile with specific questions such as: 

  • Picture Question: Ask Mobile Respondants and Field agents to take a picture and send it back to you Tremendous use cases for your business
  • Signature QuestionMobile respondant can sign or get someone else to sign and validate a specific form, survey, customer order, mystery shopping mission or else. 
  • GPS Localization: Collect latitude and longitude of mobile respondents when they reply your form and instantly see their location on the map. You can decide to hide this question to the mobile respondents for easy and fast collection of GPS location.
  • Smiley question: Passion or hate ? You'll know fast with the smiley  and heart question.  

Also, each question can bear specific attributes:

 Lock / UnlockA locked question will be mandatory to mobile user They will not be able to move to next questions if they don't reply to a locked/mandatory question

For every question / data your want to collect, you can just add some instruction or additional information you would like Mobile respondents to access and read to ensure quality of data collected. More details in the Instruction FAQ.

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