Data privacy and security

First things, all the Data used and collected within the Datafield Mobile application remain your property. Datafield simply provide the technology for your onsite data collection needs. 

We never access your data and do not intend to do so in future. For more details visit our Privacy Policy.

With regards to the data security: 

  • The data you manage on are hosted on Amazon Web Service (AWS), which uses best methods to protect their server. You can find more information about Amazon S3 or learn about Amazon S3's security measures on the Amazon website.
  • Secondly, all transfers of data between Datafield website and Datafield mobile application are done using a secured, SSL crypted protocol. SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer, and it is a protocol to ensure that data are encrypted while they transfer from mobile application to the Datafield Dashboard.
  • Datafield staff is not allowed to view, and has no access to your data, whether it is the survey you created or the data you collected.
  • Datafield website is httpS compliant, ensuring the highest level of login security

Lastly, note that Mobile respondents do not have access to the Datafield website and can't access or modify your survey unless you have granted them with Administrator right. 


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